Farm Harvest's sweet corn is prepared with care so each bite is filled with juicy delight. All of our products are processed and packaged without any preservatives so the corn kernels you enjoy eating are 100% chemical free and need not be refrigerated.

Fresh Corn

Juicy corn cobs fresh from the farm.

Go back to basics with a corn on the cob. Each and every one of our sweet corns is hand-picked from fields to satisfy your taste buds. You can pick these up from your local supermarkets and gourmet outlets.

Sweet Corn Kernels

Grab a pack and have a snack.

Sweet corn kernels are peeled and packed for immediate consumption. We know foodies well and having a snack like this in your bag can really come in handy. Take a handful and enjoy munching on them or add them to a mix of your favourite dishes, either way, don't leave home without
Farm Harvest's Sweet Corn Kernels.


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