Farm Harvest encourages marketers to take corn to their customers by providing a grander scope for franchisee. Whether you're just starting your journey as a novice or a full-fledged professional, we tailor business opportunities that fit your bill. We give you a chance to run your own franchisee and operate kiosks among other lucrative offers. They don't call corn the 'King of Cash Crops' for nothing so grab this opportunity now!


Franchisee Plus Points

Farm Harvest Kiosks are made of high quality food grade stainless steel.

Kiosks are sturdy and longlasting.

Raw materals are available througout the year and supplied all over the country.

Variety of seasonings are available for the customer's choice.

Investor's return on investment can be taken within 2 months.

Different ranges of kiosks available according to location.

All Farm Harvest branded consumable items will be supplied by the company.

Customized schemes on kiosks so anyone can start a Farm Harvest franchisee.